Conceptualized by Dr. Sandhya V. Purecha, SOCH – Save Our Cultural Heritage (Ancient Heritage of Indian Dance) is a campaign with the aim to preserve traditionalism, Promote Innovations and Propagate Indian cultural heritage through Indian classical dance. Through year-round festivals, the centre curates the most seasoned talent right from the youngest generations for the young dancer's festival. To inspire viewers and stage rare traditional compositions and creative productions, the centre invites legendary senior exponents from across the globe. This is our way of offering our cultural services to the society and our efforts towards saving our cultural heritage.

Sanskriti Mahotsav - A Unique Classical Dance Festival
Kinkini Festival - Classical Dance National Youth Festival
Kala Avishkar - Classical Dance Children's Festival
Pancham Festival - Reviving the Classical Dance Temple Tradition of India
Smrutikusumanjali & Adaranjali - Commemorating the Birth And Death Anniversaries
Gati Festival - Annual Festival of Bharata College of Fine Arts & Culture
Dassera Samellan - Annual Festival of Kala Paricchaya

As preservers of traditionalism and promoters of innovations, Sarfojiraje Bhosale B. N. T. & R. Centre, known for its innovative concepts and world-class presentations has been organizing these festivals as an effort to encourage all young artistes to perpetuate this tradition and also help in regenerating the interest of the audiences towards the classical dance heritage of India

Initiated in 2009, the festival aims to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and to inspire and enthrall art lovers in Mumbai with performances by senior and distinguished Indian classical dancers from across the world. On this occasion, we confer the ‘Gaurav Puraskar’ to the Senior Artistes for their exemplary contribution in the field of Indian Classical Dance. In the past, we have invited eminent Artists like Smt. Darshanaben Jhaveri, Shri Jayarama Rao & Smt. Vanashree Rao, Smt. Ranjana Gauhar, Pta. Uma Dogra, Smt. Geeta Chandran, Smt. Nalini-Kamalini, Shri Shashadhar Acharya, Smt. Maneesha Sathe, Smt. Rekha Nadgauda, Smt. Vyjayanthi Kashi, Smt. Parwati Dutta, Smt. Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala to name a few. This Festival is organised under the Triveni Shastriya Nritya Samaroha Series supported by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

his Festival was initiated in the year 2006 to provide a platform to young classical dancers to showcase their proficiency and devotion to the Indian art and their Guru after dutifully and rigorously training and performing for at least a decade. It is a solo/duet dance festival especially organised to motivate the younger generation of dancers to carry this tradition forward by providing them with performance opportunities in front of a phenomenal number of Rasikas as well as Distinguished Gurus This Festival is organised under the Triveni Shastriya Nritya Samaroha Series supported by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

Age: 18 to 35 years

Application Requirements: Guru's Recommendation Letter, Resume, Photographs, Video clipping and Age Proof to be sent via email.

Initiated in 2006, we organize this festival to showcase budding students of dance - the children who are the future preservers of our tradition. By giving them a stage, we aim to encourage them to learn with enhanced fervour and dedication. Over the years, reputed Guru’s young students have been a part of this festival showcasing child artists. This Festival is organised under the Triveni Shastriya Nritya Samaroha Series supported by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

Category: Group performance of minimum 3 students under the age of 16 years.

Application Requirements: Resume of the Guru, group photographs and a short video clipping of the student’s performance to be sent via email

Guru Acharya Parvatikumar's birthday has been celebrated with great enthusiasm for many years. To immortalise the memory of her Guru and mark the epitome of devotion and surrender to her Guru, Dr. Sandhya Purecha offers her reverence to him through Smrutikusumanjali, celebrated each year on 27th February and Adaranjali celebrated on 29th November The festival is marked by celebrations which are utmost dear to Guruji – performances, tala vadya kacheris, research productions, discussions and Sanskrit-oriented dance studies and seminars and many more

Dance is an ancient, perhaps the most ancient performing art. It is essentially secular, but has been put to good use, especially in Indian temples and rituals. This is why Indian dance has a philosophical and religious significance and demonstrates the penchant of the Indian, particularly the Hindu ethos. In the present era, major temples of the country have taken up extensive initiatives to perpetuate this culture by organizing classical dance festivals and promote travel and tourism through temple culture.

The Pancham Festival is our sincere effort to preserve the sanctity of our ancient legacy by organising performances in five temples of the city as a part of the cultural awareness canvass After passing a designated evaluation, young students of the Institution perform the Gejje Puja and receive the ghungroos from their Guru in a traditional ceremony. After this, these students offer their maiden performance to the God by their performance at the temples. It is a test of endurance for the students and an auspicious beginning to their classical dance journey.

Performances have been in temples like the Siddhivinayak Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple, Sri Sri Radha Gopinath ISKCON Mandir, Bhavani Shankar Temple, Rama Temple, Ayyappa Temple, Babulnath Temple, Uttar Chidambaram Dance Temple in Satara to name a few

Gati, a Sanskrit word literally meaning ‘Speed’, illustrates the pace at which the students of Bharata College of Fine Arts & Culture, Mumbai have blossomed into passionate and proficient performers at the college. A syllable from the word ‘Pragati’, it also exemplifies the progress of the students in classical dance, music, tala, yoga and other subjects which are a part of their curriculum Students from the Pre-degree diploma right till the Masters of Fine Arts and Ph.D level render performances from the traditional repertoire, Marathi repertoire and the contemporary classical dance

On the propitious day of Dassera each year is celebrated the Dassera Sammelan, an annual performance for the school students who are training at Kala Paricchayaunder the tutelage of Guru Dr. Sandhya Purecha. She has been continuing the Guru-Shishya tradition untainted, unflinchingly and unstoppably since the past 3 decades. Students from the first year till the final year of the diploma course present classical dance pieces according to their course study and its application. It is a visual delight to see young students of all ages present their classical dance performances.

Resume (Mentioning your Guru's name and duration of training)
Dance Photographs
Performance Video Links
Newspaper Clippings (If Any)