To extend our cultural services to art connoisseurs at a national and international level and create a state-of-the-art infrastructure for improving the teaching, learning and performing routine making the centre a cultural hub with facilities like a mini auditorium, experimental theatres, conference halls, light & sound studios,recording rooms, rehearsal rooms, Indian museum of dance and music, wooden-floored practice hall, mirror hall, sound proof music room, library, computer laboratory, yoga & meditation room, recreation room, gymnasium

To establish a systematized teaching process and a platform to all dancers to enter higher academic portals, along with performance opportunities by preserving Guru-Shishya Parampara and authenticity of the form.

To develop dedicated students, teachers and performing artists who will strive to promote the art form.
To encourage significant research on Indian culture locally, nationally and globally.
To enhance creativity and an innovative approach through elaborate learning and performing.
To provide myriad career opportunities in dance and its related fields.
To spread Indian art and culture to art lovers transcending barriers of age
To provide a platform for solo and group performances in our productions.