The centre organizes Annual Workshops Seminars and interactive lecture series and demonstrations conducted by stalwarts in various fields relating to Indian art and culture. These lecture series were started by the centre inviting experts from various genres of classical contemporary and modern art dance and music to conduct interactive sessions on its history evolution future aspects relation with other art forms and other wide range of topics. The topics were diverse like Natyashastra Dance in Ancient Treatises Body Language & Dance Rukminidevi Parampara in Indian Classical Dance Devadasi Tradition etc.

Acharya Parvatikumar Vyakhyanmala Series under which the Centre has conducted:

Lecture-Demonstrations by Dr. Sunil Kothari, Shri B.M. Sundaram, PadmaShri Smt. Darshana      Jhaveri, Smt. Sarodi Saikia, Smt. Geeta Radhakrishnan Mridang Vidwan T. S. Nandakumar, Smt.      Vaidehi Taman to name a few.
Workshops on Chhau by Shri Shashadhar Acharya, Pung Cholam and other Manipuri art forms      by JNMDA, Imphal, Dalkhai and Ghoomar by Shri Sukant Acharya to name a few.
Lecture Demonstrations on Abhinaya Darpanam, Natyashastra by Dr. Sandhya Purecha to name      a few.
Kathak Worshops by Pt. Birju Maharaj ji and Guru Shri Pratap Pawar ji
Natyashastra Workshop by Piyal Bhattacharya
Panel Discussions by eminent dancers from the fraternity at Navatisamvatsara Mahotsav to      name a few
Paper Presentation by Young Dance Researchers by Bharata College of Fine Arts & Culture,      Mumbai